Srdan Keca

Selected Work

Flotel Europa (71', 2015)

feature-length film

Tagesspiegel Jury Award - 65th Berlinale, Forum section
Peace Film Award - Honourable Mention - 65th Berlinale
Jury’s Special Prize - Documenta Madrid 2015
Best Documentary - Crossing Europe 2015
Best Balkan Documentary - Dokufest 2015

Using personal VHS archive material shot by Bosnian refugees who lived on a giant ship in the port of Copenhagen between 1992-4, Flotel Europa tells the story of the director’s growing up in an environment filled with echoes of war — and other things that make up an adolescence.

I edited and co-produced this film together with director Vladimir Tomic.

Director: Vladimir Tomic | Producers: Srdan Keca, Selma Jusufbegovic | Editor: Srdan Keca | Sound postproduction: Alex Pavlovic

Museum of the Revolution (2014)

video installation

2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture - Pavilion of Serbia
Artists' Film International 2015 - Whitechapel Gallery, London

In 1961 a daring design by Vjenceslav Richter was chosen for the building of the Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Nations and Ethnic Minorities.

In his exposé, Richter stated that the purpose of this museum was "to safeguard the truth about us". Over decades, changes of site, financing and legislature led to delays and the eventual abandonment of the project. The foundations and underground level of the Museum remain, a testament to the tribulations of Yugoslav and Serbian society of the past half-century.

The 3-channel video installation takes these remains, and Richter's original ideas, as its points of departure.

Director, cinematographer, editor: Srdan Keca | Assistant director and sound recordist: Radisa Cvetkovic | Sound postproduction: Jakov Munizaba

Mirage (42', 2011)

documentary | experimental

Best Central and East European Documentary - Jihlava IDFF 2012
Best Documentary, London Short Film Festival 2012
Cottbus Discovery Award, Cottbus Film Festival 2011

Winner, Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Sarajevo 2011
Best Film up to $10,000, Cinema City International Film Festival 2012

"A sumptuous visual exploration"Sight & Sound

At the edge of a city growing from the desert, a man plays alone on a golf course. Another, sleepless, sends a letter from a labour camp to his wife in Kenya. A sand storm hits a construction site, and the locals hold a strange celebration. The city of Dubai and its surrounding desert here become a set for a visual exploration of displacement, and the longings and desires of their inhabitants.

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Directed, produced and filmed by: Srdan Keca | Editing: Simon Bullen | Sound postproduction: Tom Drew | Original music by: Jon Wygens | Colorist: Belgin Kaplan

A Letter to Dad (48', 2011)

documentary | essay

Official Selection - IDFA 2011
Official Selection - Full Frame Documentary Festival 2012

Best Balkan Documentary, Dokufest 2011
Best Serbian Documentary, Beldocs 2012

"[Keca's] attention to detail reveals a brave attitude and the courage to investigate deeper than the words his subjects say" -Vladan Petkovic, DOX

"Keca (...) traverses past and present, weaving some kind of bridge between the two with his lens." -Pamela Cohn

"Here is a director looking for a truth he does not seem to have found before making his film." -Moritz Pfeifer, EEFB

The filmmaker, trying to make sense of the way his father chose to die, opens several boxes, all that is left behind. The forgotten photos, letters and home videos take the film back to 1970s Yugoslavia, when his parents became lovers. But the journey through the years, to family members, lost friends and places, reveals the lingering horrors of the recent Balkan wars still tearing people and families apart.

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Directed, produced and filmed by: Srdan Keca | Editing: Katherine Lee | Sound postproduction: Tudor Petre | Original music by: Alcyona Mick | Colorist: Belgin Kaplan

Escape (23', 2013)


Official Selection - DOK Leipzig 2013
Official Selection - Sarajevo Film Festival 2013
Official Selection - Dokufest 2013

Three stories of three Roma women from the Balkans: one runs away from her parents and schooling to get married; one struggles to raise a little girl on her own after her husband abandons them; one tries to escape from a life of abuse and illness.

Directed, produced and filmed by: Srdan Keca | Editing: Jelena Maksimovic | Sound recordist: Davor Keca | Sound postproduction: Jakov Munizaba | Original music by: Molo

The First Step (7', 2013)

experimental | documentary

Commissioned by Festival Delle Lettere, Milan, Italy

A recorded conversation with a man standing on the edge of a bridge in London is the starting point for this exploration of the night in the city. In the depth of the night a sense of common fragility emerges, only to be denied us as dawn approaches.

Directed and produced by: Srdan Keca | Cinematography: Oskar Kudlacik | Editing: Eduardo Serrano, Srdan Keca, Sara Stojkovic | Original music by: Geoff Hannan