Srdjan Keca


Moving image works

Recently my work has explored connections between the built environment and the human condition — a kind of science of fragility, that has taken me to the Middle East. Many of my films are based in the Balkans, where I try to extract the universal from the convoluted historical narratives.

I completed my MA at the National Film and Television School, prior to which I studied at the Ateliers Varan. My former background is in physics, the precision of which I strive to bring into my current practice.


2012 Best Central and East European Documentary - Jihlava International Documentary Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic (for Mirage)
2012 Best Short Documentary – London Short Film Festival, London, UK (for Mirage)
2012 Best Film up to 10,000 Bucks – Cinema City International Film Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia (for Mirage)
2012 Best Serbian Documentary – Beldocs, Belgrade, Serbia (for A Letter to Dad)
2012 FIPRESCI Serbia Best Documentary – Beldocs, Belgrade, Serbia (for A Letter to Dad)
2009-2011 David Munro Memorial Scholar, UK
2011 Best Balkan Documentary – Dokufest 2011, Prizren, Kosovo (for A Letter to Dad)
2011 Silver Eye Award Nominee – Institute of Documentary Film, Czech Republic
2011 Cottbus Discovery Award – Filmfestival Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany (for Mirage)
2011 Winner (Extra Muros) – Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (for Mirage)
2011 Best City Film Special Mention – Open City London Documentary Festival, UK (for Mirage)
2007 1st Prize – Mediterraneo Film Festival, Salerno, Italy (for After the War)
2006 Best Documentary – Balkan Black Box Festival, Berlin, Germany (for After the War)
2006 Audience Award – DokumentArt Film Festival, Neubrandenburg, Germany (for After the War)

Screenings and Exhibitions

Forthcoming (2013):

  • Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam - film programme curated by IDFA (A Letter to Dad)
  • DOK Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany (Escape and A Letter to Dad)
  • Free Zone Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (Escape)
  • Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Escape)
  • Human Rights Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (Escape)



  • (Still compiling the list.)


  • International Documentary Competition, Trieste Film Festival 2012, Trieste, Italy (A Letter to Dad)
  • "Architecture of Reassurance", London Short Film Festival 2012, London, UK (Mirage + talk)
  • Making Tracks, London, UK (Mirage with live score by The Cabinet of Living Cinema)
  • UCL Development Planning Unit (Mirage + talk)
  • POINT Conference, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (The Real Social Network + talk)
  • Tempo Documentary Festival Stockholm, Sweden (A Letter to Dad + The Real Social Network)
  • Engage Conference, Skopje, Macedonia (The Real Social Network)
  • One World Film Festival Romania (The Real Social Network)
  • Play-Doc Festival, Tui, Spain (Mirage + talk)
  • Ljubljana Documentary Film Festival 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia (A Letter to Dad)
  • Docudays UA, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Official Selection - Full Frame Documentary Festival, Durham, USA (A Letter to Dad)
  • Documentary Competition - Filmfestival goEast, Wiesbaden, Germany (A Letter to Dad)
  • Crossing Europe, Linz, Austria (A Letter to Dad)
  • Neisse Film Festival, Neisse, Germany (A Letter to Dad)
  • Bread and Roses Film Festival (Mirage + The Real Social Network)
  • The Cabinet of Living Cinema at Ritzy Brixton, London, UK (Mirage + live score)
  • Docaviv, Tel Aviv, Israel (Mirage + The Real Social Network)
  • Cronograf Film Festival, Chisinau, Moldova (A Letter to Dad + The Real Social Network)
  • Cine Migratorio, Santander, Spain (Mirage)
  • Workers Unite Film Festival, NYC (The Real Social Network)
  • Beldocs, Belgrade, Serbia (A Letter to Dad)
  • London International Documentary Festival, London, UK (A Letter to Dad)
  • Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Arts (The Real Social Network)
  • Films About Place, Allery Gallery, Manchester, UK (A Letter to Dad + Mirage)
  • FilmForum Belgrade, Serbia (Mirage + talk)
  • CinemaCity, Novi Sad, Serbia (Mirage + talk)
  • MakeDox, Skopje, Macedonia (Mirage + talk)
  • Open City Documentary Festival (The Real Social Network)
  • Secret Garden Party (The Real Social Network)
  • Dokufest, Prizren, Kosovo (A Letter to Dad + panel)
  • Supetar Super Film Festival, Croatia (A Letter to Dad + talk)
  • Kratkofil, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (A Letter to Dad)
  • Shambala Music Festival, UK (Mirage + live score by the Cabinet of Living Cinema)
    Social Media Film Festival, Las Vegas, USA (The Real Social Network)
  • Aye Aye Film Festival, Nancy, France (A Letter to Dad)
  • Document, Glasgow, UK (A Letter to Dad + After the War)
  • CineMigrante, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Mirage)
  • Traveling Festival Docudays, Ukraine (Mirage)
  • Historical Film Festival Rasnov, Romania (The Real Social Network)
  • Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, Romania (A Letter to Dad)
  • Jihlava International Documentary Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic (Mirage + Q&A)
  • Balkan Florence Express, Florence, Italy (A Letter to Dad)
  • Dani srpske kulture, Zagreb, Croatia (Mirage + A Letter to Dad)
  • RealVision, Tainan City, Taiwan (A Letter to Dad)
  • Architectural Faculty, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia (Mirage + Q&A)
  • WatchDocs, Warsaw, Poland (Mirage)
  • Alternative Film/Video, Belgrade, Serbia (Mirage)


Official Selection - IDFA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A Letter to Dad)
"Global East", Filmfestival Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany (Mirage)
Human Rights Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (Retrospective: Mirage, A Letter to Dad, After the War)
Free Zone Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (A Letter to Dad)
"Extra Muros", Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mirage)
Dokufest, Prizren, Kosovo (A Letter to Dad)
"City Films", Open City London Documentary Festival, UK (Mirage)
Branchage Film Festival, Jersey, UK (Mirage)
International Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Mirage)
Uno Port Art Film Festival, Japan (Mirage)
"Young Spirit of Europe", European Film Festival Palic, Serbia (Mirage)
Rencontres Henri Langlois, Poitiers, France (Mirage)


Previous years

  • DocLisboa 2009 (After the War)
  • DokumentART 2006, Neubrandenburg, Germany (After the War)
  • Document Film Festival 2007, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (After the War)
  • Balkan Black Box 2006, Berlin, Germany (After the War)
  • Festival dei Popoli 2006, Florence, Italy (After the War)
  • Febiofest 2007, Prague, Czech Republic (After the War)
  • Mediterraneo Video Festival 2007, Salerno, Italy (After the War)
  • Kunst in Oorlog (Art in War) 2007, Utrecht, the Netherlands (After the War)
  • Beeld voor Beeld 2007, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (After the War)
  • OFFshore 2007, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (After the War)
  • Worldfilm 2007, Tartu, Estonia (After the War)
  • Festival of Ethnologic Film 2007, Belgrade, Serbia (After the War)
  • Alternative Film/Video Festival 2006, Belgrade, Serbia (After the War)
  • Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2006 (After the War)
  • Zolotoy Vityaz (Golden Knight) 2006, Kaluga, Russia (After the War)
  • Festival of Documentary Film CRONOGRAF 2006, Chisinau, Moldova (After the War)
  • Asterfest 2007, Strumice, Macedonia (After the War)
  • European Film Festival Palic 2006, Serbia (After the War)
  • DokuFest 2006, Prizren, Kosovo (After the War)